Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Digital Chateau Home Theatre Experiences

image045Digital Chateau is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of professional service.

Whether you're just starting out with a home theatre system or looking to upgrade what you currently have, Digital Chateau knows where to start. We do not subscribe to extreme designing or to the practice of putting technology first. We design, build and calibrate home theatre systems for all kinds of homes, to all kinds of homeowner specifications.

We design systems from a broad range of audiovisual components - selected for your actual entertainment room setting and not the warehouse demonstration setting, which can misleadingly bring out a system's sound strengths.

Digital Chateau procures, installs and integrates all your home entertainment components and accessories:

  1. LCD, LED and plasma TVs
  2. Blu-Ray and DVD players
  3. Satellite equipment
  4. Speakers and receivers
  5. Universal controlling that connects your PS3, Xbox and/or Wii to your system
  6. Mount stands and other entertainment furniture

Big box selection, small business customization, competitive pricing and top-notch customer service - Digital Chateau takes the best of warehouse variety and affordability and makes it better, by channelling these advantages through unbeatable one-on-one service.

Digital Chateau provides all kinds of home theater systems for all kinds of homes.  We design systems from a broad range of audiovisual components, selected based on your definition of ideal sound and image entertainment.  Our specialized staff knows how to turn your vision of home theater into an actual integrated system, custom designed for your comfort and to your user specifications.

We believe in consistency when it comes to service and versatility when it comes to designing and integrating your ideal system. We customize individual systems based on your individual taste, which means striking that perfect balance between how it looks and how it works.

We customize our systems to fit your lifestyle - which means working with you to arrive at a system as well-suited to your intuition as is to your interior design.  Our approach considers the balance of aesthetics and user-friendliness every step of the way; from design to installation to integration, we make sure that your home theater investment complements your home life environment.

Digital Chateau does not subscribe to the "extreme design" approach. Investing in a home theater system is about adding a new dimension of comfort and entertainment to your home; at no point during a home systems consultation should you feel pressured to "get the latest" or "buy the biggest." A home theater investment is about you: your lifestyle and your budget.

We install and integrate your system components so that they work seamlessly together - connected with one remote.

We introduce you to your final setup to ensure you have effortless access to your favorite entertainment.

We stay insistently on task until you feel comfortable and confident with your new home entertainment system.

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